Pagan religion is in essence a way of life in harmony with the Universe.

     Those who choose to free their soul and mind the heavy burden of human prejudices and lead a life in harmony with the universe are called pagans and paganism is their way.
     The universe is not a God, there is no supernatural or divine, the universe is everything and that we exist in it is natural to consider it sacred.

In Univers se regasesc atat inceputul cat si sfarsitul.

We live on Geea, our live Mother. It is normal to love, respect her and take care of its Nature. Look for other planets in the Universe (that we know in one way or another) and you will see that they are dry, dead, it is impossible to sustain life naturally. Therefore, let us rejoice that Geea is alive and take care to remain so, because its death means the death of everything living on it. To live in harmony with the Universe, by default means to live in harmony with Geea, our sacred Mother.
Paganism is a religion of freedom. We are all born free in the Universe and we are entitled to live free, as long as you do not violate natural rights and freedoms of others. Respecting other we respect ourselves.
Pagan religion has two parts which overlap each other, formed part of all dogmatic specific knowledge about the universe called Laws of the Universe (mechanisms of existence in the Universe), principles, and related religious holidays and some practical and theoretical part called Magic. Magic is the science through which are studied and/or triggered mental mechanisms able to operate through the Universe, on the environment, other beings or the evolution of certain events in time. Magic is an instrument as well, through which the Laws of the Universe are studied. These two parts give paganism attribute of power, because is knowledge completed by the ability to act. Pagan Magic is a set of theoretical magic plus practical specific applications of paganism.
      For pagans, dignity is an asset above material values and when necessary, above his own life. When we were born we’ve already owe to death our tribute, but it’s not the same to die as tigers in battle or as oxen in yoke.
     Good and evil are not principles outside us and neither is associated with entities. Good and evil exist in everyone's thinking, and good and evil deeds are a result of our thinking.

Paganism is a religion that appeared on this planet many thousands of years ahead other religions, at the dawn of human civilization when man lived in harmony with Nature and a return paganism is simply a return to a plurality of real values.
Egalitarianism is repudiated by the pagans. You can not equate two people; each has its special features that define it as unique.
A pagan will always pay debts, be good or bad.     
    Pagan religion does not make any discrimination between men and women, both sexes follow the same mechanisms of life. Anatomical differences are not an attribute of superiority or inferiority. It is considered to be normal only the sexual relations between persons of different sex. Nudity has nothing to do with paganism. In essence, nudity is an expression of freedom, but you can not equate nudity and freedom.

Paganism is in disagreement with any religion, philosophy, life mode or social organization, which seeks, in a way or another to restrict people’s freedom, to deny everyone’s right to choose its own way of life or to unjustifiably cause damage.
Pagans worship and honor the memory of ancestors.
Beauties of nature are of joy and admiration for the heathen, they finding the cure for the soul in nature. Animals and plants of this planet must be protected, without them life would be bleak.
Pagan religion holidays are called Sabbats and are occasioned by the realities of the Universe, of Nature or man-Nature relationship. Over the year, pagans celebrate eight major Sabbats and graphical representation is called The wheel of the year.

The wheel of the year
The wheel of the year

    Paganism is the legacy of our ancestors in the mists of time and encourages free thinking of each individual, so every pagan can find in Nature and the Universe actual values that correspond to his own personality. These values may be opportunity of holiday for each individual or for pagan groups.
      These types of holiday are called small Sabbats.

     Pagans must understand that when they are many their power is stronger and pagan religion can survive in this way!

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